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Stone Gabion Outdoor Fire Pit

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gabion outside fireplace

2 gabion panels 1.875m long x 0.45m wide

2 gabion panels 1.2m x 1.2m (to be site cut for lid and base)

Using 4.5mm welded 75mm x 75mm mesh  = $99.48 incl GST

Costings are an indication only, as no two fire pits, are  ever the same.

Additional costs that you may incur are fire bricks, gabion stones, and delivery.

Have your own fire pit design, then email us at with a sketch and dimensions for costing.

Or you can check out our prices and sizes

stone gabion fire pit design ideas


Gabion modular design sizes, are very cost effective

Check out our large range of Gabion Sizes and Prices

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Email with the wall height, width and your location for a delivered price


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